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Explore the potential of our AI development platform and its innovative features. Learn how it optimises resources, boosts efficiency, and drives success across your organisation.

Collects everyone's work in a shared knowledge base

Simplify Team Onboarding: With AXII, you can fast-track your new team members to productivity. Our tool simplifies the learning process, helping everyone start contributing faster.

Keep Knowledge Safe: Safeguard your project’s know-how and previous code, avoiding "reinventing the wheel" and ensuring that important knowledge lasts even when staff changes.

Boost Teamwork and Collaboration: With a shared knowledge base, everyone in your team can access previously developed work, creating checkpoints and promoting consistency in future work.

Takes care of infrastructure management

Simplified Resource Management: AXII allows your team to focus more on innovation and less on managing infrastructure and accessing computational resources.

Seamless Secret Management: AXII empowers you to manage secrets across multiple locations, enabling efficient use of complex environments while maintaining compliance.

Effortless Data & Artifacts Management: AXII ensures seamless artifacts flow in your projects.

The integration of AXII simplified our system architecture. AXII facilitates the complex operations of the AI module, making it effortless and straightforward for developers.

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Provides work's overview for coworkers and managers

See Work Progress: Keep your team on track and make it easy to hand the tasks over if needed.

Make Smarter Decisions: AXII provides a clear record of past actions, giving you greater awareness for strategic business decisions.

Ready Answers: With access to the historical records, you are ready to answer complex questions at any time, even months or years later.

Follow into AXII’s documentation for in-depth technical insights and deeper understanding of its capabilities.

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