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General FAQs

What is AXII and how does it help teams?

AXII is an AI Development Platform designed to streamline team workflows, enhance collaboration, and optimize resource usage. It helps teams by providing a shared knowledge base, simplifying infrastructure management, automating documentation, and offering a clear work overview for all team members. AXII enables teams to focus on innovation and achieve faster, more efficient results.

What platforms, languages, and frameworks does AXII support?

AXII is compatible with all popular platforms, languages, and frameworks, both open-source and those developed internally. Being container-based, AXII can execute almost every piece of code, ensuring seamless integration with your current frameworks and libraries.

How quickly can we expect to see results after implementing AXII?

After implementing AXII, your team will immediately experience short-term benefits, such as simplified access to compute resources, streamlined data management, optimized resource utilization, and reduced costs. In the mid-to-long term, you'll notice improvements in the onboarding process for new team members, as well as the ease of starting new projects due to the ability to quickly find and reuse previous work.

Does AXII offer any customer support or training for using the platform?

Yes, we provide all necessary training and assistance with setup to ensure the best possible onboarding experience. We are committed to developing the best AI Development Platform on the market and are eager to listen and incorporate your feedback. Details of customer support and SLAs can be negotiated to meet your specific needs.

How does AXII handle resource allocation in peak demand periods?

AXII can be configured to either maintain a queue of jobs or auto-scale compute resources to fulfill demand, or both. This flexible approach ensures that you have full control over resource allocation and costs, even during peak demand periods.

How can I get started with AXII?

Getting started with AXII is straightforward. First, integrate AXII into your existing environment, which can be done in just a few hours. Once installed, users can start using AXII immediately, thanks to its intuitive interface. You can begin with a minimal configuration and add more compute clusters, data storages, etc., later. AXII works seamlessly with your existing codebase, without requiring any code rewriting or additional dependencies.

Is my data secure with AXII? How does it handle privacy and data regulations?

AXII takes security and privacy very seriously. It utilizes compute clusters and data storages that you own, ensuring you are in full control of everything that happens within your environment. No data or artifacts leave your environment, maintaining the security of your data and knowledge. AXII also simplifies the management of secrets and credentials, ensuring compliance with relevant data regulations.

What is the pricing structure for AXII?

AXII's pricing structure is simple and transparent, with a flat, user-based fee that grants you unlimited access to the product. You connect your own Kubernetes cluster, so you are in full charge of your costs. AXII does not add any usage-based fees, as we believe that such extra fees should not limit your innovation potential.

Can AXII be used in a multi-cloud environment?

Yes, AXII allows you to easily manage multiple compute clusters and data storages across various cloud providers. You can seamlessly execute computations in each environment, making it suitable for geographically distributed teams or those needing to comply with region-specific laws.

Team Leader FAQs

How does AXII assist in onboarding new team members and managing project timelines?

AXII accelerates the onboarding process for new team members by providing immediate access to your organization's shared knowledge base. This enables them to learn processes, adapt and modify them for their use, and find answers independently, reducing the time spent on asking questions and searching for answers. The experimentation feed and work overview features also help manage project timelines, ensuring transparency and visibility in your team's activities.

Can AXII manage our infrastructure, computational resources, and auto-scaling?

Yes, AXII efficiently manages infrastructure and computational resources by running on Kubernetes, which excels in resource management. Kubernetes' built-in capabilities, such as auto-scaling, load balancing, and rolling updates, ensure efficient use of available resources, optimizing performance and minimizing downtime.

Can AXII provide insights or analytics to assess team performance and make strategic business decisions?

Yes, AXII offers detailed usage statistics that can be transformed into various metrics, providing valuable insights into team performance. This data can help you identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and project prioritization, ultimately optimizing your organization's operations.

How can AXII help control computational costs and ensure consistent, reproducible results for experiments?

AXII helps control computational costs by automatically scaling resources based on demand, ensuring you only pay for actual execution time. It also optimizes workflows to avoid redundant and repeated computations, reusing available artifacts to further reduce costs. AXII guarantees consistent and reproducible results by storing the entire experiment, including parameters, source code, environment setup, and more, allowing easy reproduction of results later in time.

How can AXII help protect our project's intellectual property and previous code?

AXII can be deployed on-premise or to your private cloud, ensuring that all data and computations are 100% under your control and within your environment. This secure deployment protects your project's intellectual property and previous code from unauthorized access and potential threats.

How does AXII facilitate team collaboration, knowledge sharing, and streamline communication?

AXII promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing by encouraging users to write reusable components and find existing ones in the shared repository. The common experiments feed allows users to see what their colleagues are working on, learn from it, get inspired, and reuse it as needed. AXII also streamlines communication with features like tags, automated notifications, and plans to include more forms of information sharing and notifications in the future.

How does AXII prevent duplicate computations and optimize workflows with smart caching?

AXII's smart caching feature checks if the same execution (input data and logic) has already been done and whether previously generated artifacts are still available. If so, it reuses those artifacts and skips repeated computation, resulting in faster workflow execution and reduced costs by avoiding redundant computations.

Team Member FAQs

How can AXII support me in focusing more on innovation than documentation?

AXII automates the process of documenting your daily work, freeing up time for you to explore new and innovative approaches. This automated documentation ensures that you can focus on creating value and advancing your project, rather than spending time on manual documentation tasks.

Can I use AXII to easily share project updates or important information with my team?

Yes, all users have access to the experimentation feed, where they can easily view project updates and see what their colleagues are working on. AXII is also planning to include more forms of information sharing and notifications in the future to further enhance team communication.

How can AXII assist in maintaining a record of my past work and experiments for easy retrieval later?

AXII automatically keeps a comprehensive record of all your past work and experiments within its shared knowledge base. This makes it easy for everyone on the team to access and review past work, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing without any additional bookkeeping effort.

How does AXII simplify data, artifact, and secret management across different locations?

AXII automatically manages data and artifacts throughout your project lifecycle, so users don't need to worry about it. Its robust system stores, deduplicates, and organizes data and artifacts for efficient management. For secret management, AXII simplifies the process of distributing appropriate secrets and credentials across connected computation clusters, ensuring efficient and secure collaboration.

How does AXII handle the management of computational resources and version control for coding?

AXII runs on Kubernetes, a powerful container orchestration platform that excels in managing compute resources. Kubernetes' built-in capabilities, such as auto-scaling, load balancing, and rolling updates, ensure efficient use of available resources. For version control, AXII provides full control of source code and experimentation parameters, ensuring consistency and reproducibility across your projects.

Can AXII integrate with the development tools, libraries, and frameworks I currently use?

Yes, AXII is designed with flexibility in mind and can integrate with almost all development tools, libraries, and frameworks that you currently use. Being container-based, it allows seamless execution and compatibility with your existing technology stack, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your workflow.

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