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Our mission is to inspire every organisation to build impeccable AI that benefits all of us. We're dedicated to providing teams with the finest tools to create top-tier AI solutions, ensuring that the artificial intelligence surrounding us elevates our lives through cutting-edge technology.

Join us on our journey towards reshaping the future of AI development with our innovative Impeccable AI Development Platform, and let's make a lasting impact on the world together.

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Core Principles

At Impeccable.AI, our core values of flexibility, clarity, and teamwork drive everything we do. With these values in mind, our AI Development Platform offers a smooth and effective AI development experience for teams and organisations that share our principles. We understand that each team has its unique style and culture and strives for freedom from limitations. Our focus is on truly comprehending the tools we rely on, while steering clear of unnecessary complexity and confusion. We strongly believe that creating great AI requires teamwork since it involves more than just one person's skills and knowledge.

We acknowledge the significance of collaborating with organisations that align with our values.

Our platform aspires to be a vital component in the AI development tools market, serving strong AI organisations with skilled professionals tackling intricate challenges with bespoke AI solutions.

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Our Story

Founded in November 2021, Impeccable.AI is dedicated to revolutionising the world of AI development through our cutting-edge AI Development Platform. With a wealth of experience from industry giants like Microsoft, Google, startups and more, we learned firsthand the challenges faced by companies of all sizes in building and deploying AI solutions.


The People Behind AXII

Paweł Kapica (CEO)
Paweł Kapica
Co-Founder & CEO
ex-Microsoft, Tractable
Łukasz Piesiewicz (CTO)
Łukasz Piesiewicz
Co-Founder & CTO
Michał Paluśkiewicz
Michał Paluśkiewicz

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