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  • collects everyone's work in a shared knowledge base
  • takes care of infrastructure management
  • saves money by optimising resources usage
  • provides work's overview for coworkers and managers
The integration of AXII simplified our system architecture. AXII facilitates the complex operations of the AI module, making it effortless and straightforward for developers.

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Centralized Knowledge Base

AXII provides a centralized knowledge base that simplifies team onboarding, boosts teamwork and collaboration, and allows you to focus on innovation. By keeping your project's know-how and previous work safe and easily accessible, AXII ensures that your team can work efficiently and effectively.

Simplified Infrastructure Management

With AXII, you can offload the complexities of infrastructure management to the platform, letting your team focus on core tasks. AXII handles resource allocation, secret management, data and artifact management, cluster management, data storage management, and more. It also optimizes resource usage through features like eliminating redundant computations, implementing smart artifact caching, and adjusting resources based on demand with auto-scaling.

Accelerated Experimentation

AXII enables accelerated experimentation by maintaining consistent and reproducible results across experiments. This helps you make informed decisions and track progress, ultimately leading to faster innovation and better overall results.

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Saves money by optimising resources usage

With smart caching, AXII recognizes and eliminates redundant computations, speeding up your workflows.
It adjusts your resources based on demand, ensuring you only pay for what you use and scaling back when resources are idle.


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